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Jericho House is a 9-Bed residential addiction recovery project that provides a holistic approach to drug addiction with elements of housing support and re-settlement. It supports service users in achieving the highest quality of life and in realizing their full potential.


Our Service users are

Single males aged 18 and over with a history of drug dependency. The Service users must be capable of active participation in the cognitive elements of the programme, and be genuinely motivated towards addressing all aspects of their addiction and utilizing the support from the fully trained and qualified staff team.


We are

An Abstinence Based Recovery project employing both group work and one-to-one sessions and, through our Key working system, focusing on person-centred planning.


We have Regular Reviews (allowing for inter-agency attendance),


  • a Service User involvement Group,

  • a Family Support Group,

  • and Parenting classes;


the programme includes


  • Education (core skills),

  • Leisure/sports activities,

  • Complimentary Therapies,

  • and our widely acclaimed Drama-based therapy.


A range of counseling methods is used in our person-centered work. Resettlement Support is an important provision of our recovery program which may extend to six months or more.


Jericho House provides as Safe Drug Free Environment and service-users are expected to participate fully in a structured house programme and to adhere to the House’s Code of Conduct. Further Rules and Regulations are outlined in the Service Agreement.


After Care

Jericho House runs a daily After-Care group. Ex Service Users can access support from Jericho according to their needs, including One-to-One support (which is arranged by appointment). They can continue to attend the Family Support Group. The opportunity to participate in sports and leisure activities is also available. Ex service users are very strongly encouraged to attend meetings of Narcotics Anonymous where they receive invaluable continued support. This allows for self-evaluation and commitment to recovery through espousing and practising those values essential to fulfilling personal potential. Integral to our ongoing support and aftercare programme, we offer re-settlement through the supported accommodation route initially, achieving full independent living within the family unit and wider community, as the final tier of the individuals four tier programme of recovery, when their primary residential stage has been successfully completed. Access to further education and retraining opportunities with support to find gainful full time employment are also integral to our aftercare program


We offer a free service to the suffering addict who has a genuine desire to gain freedom from active addiction and who is motivated to that goal with the objective a achieving an independent lifestyle within the family unit and wider community as productive and responsible family members and members of society”



Jericho House Derby is on the local Council's Approved Providers List and our service is monitored and inspected on a regular basis.


Outcomes for Service Users

Statistics for 2010/2011 – Based on service users who have completed program of treatment and have achieved minimum of 1 year of abstinence.

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