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Integral to our individually structured program of recovery is a comprehensive rehabilitation program utilizing all elements of our service provision. The varied rehabilitation program consists of Outdoor Activities, Community Involvement, Accredited Education and Re-Training




Essential to the Jericho House rehabilitation program is activities that include elements of Structured Fitness, Education and Problem Solving and Self Esteem and confidence building. This is delivered through varied outdoor activities and adventure activities, community involvement and education and re-training. Our residents have taken part in outdoor activities such as Hill climbing, Kayaking, Abseiling, Caving, Cycling and Nature walks locally and nationally. We also participate in daily sporting activities such as football and Gym etc. Our residents also embark on outdoor activity weekends throughout the year as well as going on two annual holidays. Our summer holiday involves camping in Cornwall for 5 days and our in winter we spend a week in Trochrague Guest House which is a castle in the west coast of Scotland which is operated by the Jericho Society.


We access weekly accredited education and re-training courses through Derby College. We also offer our services on a voluntary basis in the community and we deliver presentations for students in local schools and colleges. We attend various recovery conventions nationwide where our residents get the opportunity to meet like minded people where they can utilize this support by increasing their network of recovering addicts.


Each year we have an open day for families, friends and service providers. For this open day our residents conceive and perform an annual play for the various invited guests and the wider community in general. Apart from being a major part of residents individual recovery it has the added bonus of educating the public of the dangers, horrors and realities of addiction and the impact it has on the addict, the family unit, and the wider community.

The most beneficial outcome from the annual play is that it offersgenuine hope to the addict, and all who attend. When we are not taking part in any of the above outings our residents spend free time engaging in social activities such going out for meals as a unit and going to the cinema etc.

Every aspect of our rehabilitation program is designed solely with the primary purpose enhancing the residents recovery process by introducing them to benefits of a life beyond addiction.

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Snowden (in fancy dresses) sponsored climb

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