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Jericho Trochrague - Girvan

Started in 1993, this 17th Century Country House can accommodate up to fifty people wishing for a week’s holiday. The house was built in 1681 and is situated in twenty acres of garden and woodland, two miles from the Ayrshire coast.


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Some of the recent history of Trochrague.


Trochrague was donated by the Todd family to the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny in 1957.  In 1993, the Sisters made the decision to withdraw from Trochrague, and mindful and grateful that they themselves had received the house as a gift, they agreed that they should in turn donate it to an organisation that would continue to use it for the benefit of the public, and especially the underprivileged.


The then, recently founded Jericho Benedictines, who care for the destitute and the distressed, accepted it as a guest house, and it welcomes as weekly visitors anyone on low income for whom a holiday is out of the question.  The house was formally handed over in December 1993 at a Mass concelebrated by Canon Eugene Mathews and Fr James Ferguson of the Jericho Society, in the presence of the outgoing Sisters including Sr Agnes the Provincial, and several of the Jericho Community.


Brothers Patrick Mullen and Joseph Markie immediately moved in, but sadly Brother Joseph died suddenly in July the following year.  Brother Patrick continues to welcome guests to the house.


In gratitude to the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny, the Jericho Society have retained in a public hallway a statue of Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey, their Foundress, while the Sisters’ own tribute to the Todd family remains on the wall of the front hall.

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