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I’m Harry, an addict in recovery. I’m 50 years-old and I've been through Jericho House. This article is to reach other addicts to let them know that it’s never too late to turn your life around.

I’ve used drugs from glue to heroin for 35 years. Once a promising Jockey, I ended up sleeping under bridges with no will to live. I couldn't function without drugs. To my feed my habit I took to a life of crime, even thieving from my own family.  I was dealt with by the highest of courts.



Priority is emphasised and residents are accountable for building an extensive network of drug free support in the community throughout their time in Jericho. This is to help sustain recovery after moving on. Recommended minimum stay is six months, extendable according to individual need.


Jericho has facilitated a Family Support Group in Port Glasgow Town Hall meeting weekly on a Monday evening from 7:30pm to 9:30pm since 2003. Average attendance is between 35 and 40 and is facilitated by Margaret Diamond who devised the unique model that has supported hundreds of addicts’ friends and family members over the years. This group is open to anyone affected by addiction.


Outcomes are measured on achieving continuous total abstinence from all drugs including alcohol. Ex-Residents go on to manage their own tenancy, engage in voluntary work, full time further education or paid employment becoming productive members of society. Over the nine years Jericho has been serving the community, outcomes have been between 42% and 69%.


Follow up of Outcomes 07/08 from the 43 male service users that stayed in the programme for 1 or more weeks


Overall total of drug free males = 22 (51%)

Continues Drug free 16 males (37%)

Returned back to drug use 12 males (28%)

Clean After Relapse 6 males (14%)

Unknown 6 males (14%)

Deaths 2 males (5%)

Drug free/Drinking 1 male (2%)


Were known males are working/volunteering

1 male – Working/own business

1 male –Volunteering with C-Level

1 male -Volunteering with C-Level and Jericho House and College (HNC Social Care)

1 male – Volunteering with South East Alternatives and college (HNC Social Care)

1 male – Glasgow City Council/ Construction

1 male- Working/Gardening

1 male Working

1 male – Working in Social Care

1 male has returned back to Work/ Nursing and Volunteering with Recovery Café in Glasgow and SEA.

1 male – volunteering with North Lanarkshire Addiction Team and Street Soccer Scotland

1 male working in the building trade

1 male – working with his family business/ building trade

1 male –volunteering painter and decorator (Own Trade)

1 male – unemployed

1 male – unemployed, involved in NA service

1 male- working full time with Pylon/ Construction

1 male that has returned back to drug use is engaging with NA

1 male – Drug free/drinking alcohol – Working on Taxis/ Volunteering at Moving On (College)


23 males are engaging with NA (53%) - Continues Drug free 16 males

                                                       -  Clean After Relapse 6 males

                                                       -  1 male that has returned back to drug use

My name is Kevin and I am 29 years old. I was born and raised in Greenock and never knew this lifesaving placewas on my doorstep.

I was using Class ‘A’ drugs for 13 years. From being a young outgoing boy with a bright future ahead of me, serving my time as an apprentice welder in the shipyards, drugs completely stripped me of everything. I lost my job and became a shell of a person. I turned to crime to fund my drug habit and my family were losing their son. At the end of my drug use, I was losing the will to live when I was put in touch with Jericho House.


Going into Jericho was by far the best thing I’ve ever done. It has completely transformed me and my life. I was supported to address things from my past. I learned about addiction and how to stay clean when I left by accessing Narcotics Anonymous and practicing the principles of a 12 Step Programme, and with help I have managed to restore a relationship with my family. Fitness was part of the structure in Jericho and I renewed my appetite for football which led me to representing Scotland at the Homeless World Cup hosted in Melbourne, Australia. I now work as a football coach. My life is great now and it’s all thanks to the wonderful staff at Jericho.

On entering Jericho House I got the message: by understanding and changing the emotional baggage and the behaviour of the previous lifestyle I had adopted as a way of surviving, combined with a 12 step programme and voluntary work, my recovery began. I was helped to further my education and undertook vocational training. Today I’m an assertive Outreach worker, supporting others like myself, and able to help others by using  my own past experience. I am still working on restoring my family relationships and although my mum died during my recovery process, I found I was able to be supportive to my family. During this time using drugs was never an option in managing my grief.  

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