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“Which of these... proved himself a neighbour... ?” “The one who took pity on him”, he replied. Jesus said to him, “Go, and do the same yourself.” Luke 10;36/37


Jericho Neighbours

From the moment the Jericho Society was conceived, many hard-working men and women rallied to the flag, organising raffles, fetes and street collections to raise funds for the first Jericho House - the JERICHO NEIGHBOUR ASSOCIATION was born. Today hundreds of men and women throughout the country who have heard of the apostolate of the Jericho Houses have become JERICHO NEIGHBOURS, supporting the work of the Jericho Benedictines by their prayers and donations.


New Neighbours are Welcome!

You become a member simply by contacting:


The Brother Secretary, Jericho Neighbours

Monastery of Jesus, Harelaw Farm

Kilbarchan. PA10 2PY


Ask to be put on the mailing list for the ‘Neighbours Newsletters’. These are sent to Neighbours Quarterly. The rest is up to you! No donations are solicited. You simply read about the work of Jericho and help as you feel inspired. You can request that Newsletters be stopped at any time.



The most direct way of supporting us is by making a donation. We carefully monitor all of our operations to make sure that the highest proportion possible of all donations go straight to our projects and their beneficiaries. We do not waste your money on merchandising.


There are a variety of ways of making donations.



By regular direct debit

One-off annual contributions

Project-specific donation

Tax-free giving

Remember us in your will


Visit the Donations Page to find out more about how to make your payments or the tax benefits of giving to charity.


“SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD FALL AFRESH ON ME”, would sum up the prayer and hope of the young and middle-aged men who enter the Monastery of Jesus to become filled with His Spirit so that each can truly say, “There lives no longer me, but Jesus lives in me”, thus fitting them to be ‘Jesus at the heart of our towns in our times.’

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