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Welcome .....


The Jericho Society offers a wide range of services across the UK.


We work with individuals who find themselves left vulnerable due to addiction, domestic violence or homelessness. We build on our experience gained from working in these areas over the past thirty years.


Our services are open to all irrespective of class, creed, colour, religion, or sexual orientation.  



....... and so it came about, that the

Jericho Community of the Monastery of Jesus was born.

A group of men who came together to live a life of Christian simplicity in community.

A life-style inspired by Jesus and the Twelve.

Who through on-going conversion of life to Christ-likeness and instructed by Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan,

would open Jericho Inns at the heart of town and city.

There they would exercise their ministry of being


welcoming, supporting, and caring for those being

‘passed by on the other side’ irrespective of

colour, class, creed, sex, or sexual orientation.


New Neighbours welcome ...

Join hundreds of others who have become JERICHO NEIGHBOURS, supporting the work of the Jericho Benedictines by their prayers and donations.






Supported accommodation for women

The Jericho House in Wolverhampton was opened in 1985 to provide a hostel for single homeless women.







Derby - Awards and activity

The Jericho House in Derby has been in the news - an award from the mayor and climbing Snowden!





Holidays in Girvan

Jericho Trochrague, started in 1993, is a  17th Century Country House which can accommodate up to fifty people wishing for a week’s holiday. (New Video)



There are a variety of ways of making donations.

  • By regular direct debit

  • One-off annual contributions

  • Project-specific donation

  • Tax-free giving

  • Remember us in your will


Find out more and donate now by visiting our Donations Page



We produce a regular newsletter that is available to download.  Keep up to date with what we are doing and how you can help.  If you would like to know more about our work browse the web site or contact us.

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See our new videos - Girvan and Derby

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