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The Monastery of Jesus, Kilbarchan


The House of Formation of the Jericho Benedictines


“SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD FALL AFRESH ON ME”, would sum up the prayer and hope of the young and middle-aged men who enter the Monastery of Jesus to become filled with His Spirit so that each can truly say, “There lives no longer me, but Jesus lives in me”, thus fitting them to be ‘Jesus at the heart of our towns in our times.’


Men between the ages of 20 - 50 years can apply to make a ‘vocation visit’ to the monastery by writing to the Father-in-Charge. Visits are from Monday to Friday in any week from the first week in March to the last week in August each year. At least two visits require to be made before consideration can be given to accepting someone as a postulant.

Postulancy is of six months duration. This is followed by a two-year novitiate in the monastery at Kilbarchan at the end of which the postulant is received as an Oblate of St. Benedict at Prinknash Abbey. On return to the Monastery of Jesus he is temporarily professed as a Jericho Benedictine for three years, at the end of which he is finally incorporated into the Jericho Benedictine Society.

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