The Jericho House in Wolverhampton was opened in 1985 to provide a hostel for single homeless women. Jericho aims to provide a person centred service which sees service users fellow human beings deserving of genuine compassion and help which respects their individuality.

Shankland Road Greenock

Jericho House (Drugs Recovery) Shankland Road, Port Glasgow is a 10 bed Residential Service Unit. Our service users are women aged 18 and over with a history of drug dependency. Service users must be capable of active participation in the cognitive elements of the programme.

Bank Street, Greenock

Jericho House (Drugs Recovery) Greenock is a 16-bed Residential Service Unit (formerly the Bank of Greenock). Our service users are males aged 18 and over with a history of drug dependency.


Jericho House Dundee is a purpose built accommodation comprising of 12 fully furnished one bedroom flats. There are also communal rooms: a meeting room, a games room, a TV room, a kitchen and a dining room. Our Service Users are aged 18yrs or over with a serious alcohol dependency.


Jericho House is a 9-Bed residential addiction recovery project that provides a holistic approach to drug addiction with elements of housing support and re-settlement. It supports service users in achieving the highest quality of life and in realizing their full potential.


I’m Harry, an addict in recovery. I’m 50 years-old and I’ve been through Jericho House. This article is to reach other addicts to let them know that it’s never too late to turn your life around. I’ve used drugs from glue to heroin for 35 years. Once a promising Jockey, I ended up sleeping under […]


My gratitude for Jericho House and the people there knows no bounds. In short, they saved my life.

Eddie Mc

I have now left Jericho and moved into a new home of my own and have a job that I enjoy. I am optimistic about the future and drink plays no part in my life. I have got hope.


That is when I made the startling discovery, other people knew how I was feeling and I wasn’t alone. The next day my life just didn’t start getting better, it was the day my life started.


I now live life on life’s terms. My recovery would not have happened without Jericho House. I now live a life beyond my wildest dreams.