Jericho House is a special place, I’m the proof of that and the happiest period of my life was while I was in Jericho House and I would recommend the place to anyone who needs help with their addiction.


I’ve been a Heroin addict for 10 years. I have been taking drugs since the age of 15 and I’m 34 now. I took any drugs I could lay my hands on. I didn’t have any life. My whole life was about getting and using drugs and finding ways and means to get more. I […]


My name is Nathaniel and I am 36 years old. I was addicted to class A drugs for over 13 years. I used every drug not to feel good, but to stop me feeling bad. Physically, mentally, and emotionally I was a complete wreck. From being a young confident and outgoing person with the world […]


My name is Karl and I’m 40 years old. When I entered Jericho House in November 2010 I left behind a trail of destruction and chaos as a result of my 15 years of drug abuse. My addiction got worse and worse and as a result my whole life got worse also. I lost all […]


I entered Jericho House after a long sentence in jail. Jericho House helped me rebuild my life from scratch.
I owe my life to Jericho House.