Jericho House Dundee is a purpose built accommodation comprising of 12 fully furnished one bedroom flats. There are also communal rooms; these are a meeting room, a games room, a TV room, a kitchen and a dining room.

Our Service Users are aged 18yrs or over with a serious alcohol dependency. Service users must be able, with staff support, to participate in our 12 step model of approach to recovery (adopted from Alcoholics Anonymous).

We Are a community of people who share their experience, strength and hope with each other in solving their problem of alcoholism. We live together in our abstinence model, using the 12 step approach towards sustainable recovery. We have a structured programme learned from experience. This consists of; 121’s with support staff, group working, regular visits to external 12 step groups, gratitude tasks, community work and a drama group (supported by the local community). We fully support the health and wellbeing of our service users and refer out to other services appropriately. We have a committed staff team who have subjective experience in recovery from alcohol dependency. All our staff have the appropriate qualifications, and there is continuous learning in place.

Referral Admission Process

We accept referrals from: G.P.’s, CAT and HAT services, Social Services, the Probation Services, Criminal Services, Family and self referrals where appropriate. Agencies making referrals may contact us by phone, email, fax or letter.

Prospective Service Users

After initial contact service users fill out referral form and post back to Jericho House. On receipt of referral form service users are contacted with an assessment date. Once our assessment panel agree that a service user is suitable the person is then given an approximate date for coming to live in the service. After a successful assessment service users are invited to come to the house each week on a Thursday and stay over in our guest room while they await their entry date. This helps in building relationships and trust.


This is subject to assessment by their Care Manager. For those on benefit funding is made up of a combination of housing costs and funding accessed by the referring agency.

Jericho House Provides as Safe Alcohol Free Environment

Service users are expected to participate fully in our structured house programme and to adhere to the House’s Code of Conduct. Further rules and regulations are outlined in the Tenancy Agreement

The Following Prohibitions are Paramount

No illicit alcohol or drugs (includes abuse of prescription drugs), no physical violence and no harassment of any kind.

After Care

Jericho House staff work with service users on an exit plan. This plan sets out a structure to include support group meetings in the house, one to one meetingss with support worker and a list of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to attend each week. We aslo support those who move on if they choose to become members of an Alcoholics Anonymous group, We look at life skills and including budgeting help, and help and support with new home. We also encourage continued participation in our commitment to community work and our drama group.

There is mutual help found by both those attending after care and those new service users it helps enhance the individuals ability to participate and negotiate their roles within the various support groups.

The 12 Step Model of Approach

Our recovery Model is a 12 Step spiritual programme of action for each service user to experience in their one to one meetings with their support worker. This is supported by the literature of Alcoholics Alcoholics, in house meetings and external 12 step group meetings as well as peer support.

As service users commence the recovery programme they are slowly and surely learning about a new way of understanding life and living life. Our service users begin to realise they are enjoying life without drink. They begin to understand AA’s description of alcoholism as an illness of mind and body through their own subjective experience. Service users experience a sense of belonging and of being understood.
At last they say, we are NO LONGER ALONE!

Jericho House Dundee is on the local Council Approved Providers List. We are regularly inspected by the Care Inspectorate. (Care Inspectorate Scotland) – www.scswis.com

In line with Scotland’s National Strategy ‘The Road to Recovery’, Jericho House is a service which focuses on a alcohol free approach to life through our holistic, individual-needs-based programme.

We accept referrals from:

  • G.P.s,
  • Hospitals and Health services,
  • DAAT and DIP teams,
  • Social services
  • Probation services and HMP CARATS Teams
  • Other criminal justice departments
  • Family Support services
  • Outside agencies and service providers
  • Self help fellowships and by
  • Direct self referral

For further information or to book an assessment or to speak to one of our trained staff please contact:

36 Artillery Lane

T: 01382 223627
E: dundee@jerichosociety.org.uk