My name is Damian. I entered Jericho House at the age of 33. I had been a drug addict for over 20 years. My whole life was a mess. I had been in and out of jail many timed during my using. I was a prolific offender. I was referred To Jericho House through my CARAT worker in prison. I knew I didn’t want to carry on going back to prison. I’d had enough.

I entered Jericho House after a long sentence in jail. Jericho House helped me rebuild my life from scratch.

It was hard at first but they helped and supported me every step of the way. In 2011 I had serious health issues as a result of my drug use and at one point it looked certain I was going to lose both my legs. Jericho House carried me through this desperate time and they fully supported me all the way. I am now 2 and ½ years clean and I have a life beyond my wildest imagination. I used the aftercare plan and the ongoing support and today I now work as a volunteer staff member where I help and support the newer residents break free from addiction using my own experience and everything I learned in Jericho House.

I owe my life to Jericho House.