Eddie Mc

I have now left Jericho and moved into a new home of my own and have a job that I enjoy. I am optimistic about the future and drink plays no part in my life. I have got hope.

When I came to Jericho House I was a broken man. I was in a place where if I took a drink it may
kill me but I don’t get a drink I may die. This is a very very lonely place to be. Then after a few
weeks my old head was telling me Jericho House was not for me. I then heard one of the lads talk about the loneliness of the illness and the despair.

Then with the help of all the staff at Jericho I got on the programme and things started to change for me. It was slow at first but as the weeks went on and I became willing and open minded I started to recover.

It took time and hard work but you have to let the house work its magic.