I’m Harry, an addict in recovery. I’m 50 years-old and I’ve been through Jericho House. This article is to reach other addicts to let them know that it’s never too late to turn your life around.

I’ve used drugs from glue to heroin for 35 years. Once a promising Jockey, I ended up sleeping under bridges with no will to live. I couldn’t function without drugs. To my feed my habit I took to a life of crime, even thieving from my own family. I was dealt with by the highest of courts.

On entering Jericho House I got the message: by understanding and changing the emotional baggage and the behaviour of the previous lifestyle I had adopted as a way of surviving, combined with a 12 step programme and voluntary work, my recovery began. I was helped to further my education and undertook vocational training.

Today I’m an assertive Outreach worker, supporting others like myself, and able to help others by using my own past experience. I am still working on restoring my family relationships and although my mum died during my recovery process, I found I was able to be supportive to my family. During this time using drugs was never an option in managing my grief.