My name is James, I am an alcoholic.

In September 2010, in total desperation and beaten by alcohol I contacted Jericho House in Dundee seeking help. I was encouraged to come and visit Jericho for an assessment. After three weeks I was offered a place and for once I felt I was in the right place. For the first time in a long while I felt safe. I was encouraged by the fact that people with the same problems as me seemed to be getting better.

Since the day I first went into Jericho House I have never needed or desired to drink alcohol, my life has changed completely. I have settled in a house in Dundee, which I was assisted in acquiring by Jericho House. I have since married my long term fiancé, who is amazed at the turnaround in my life. I do voluntary work for the blind society two days per week and now feel like an upstanding member of society.

I still use Jericho House as a drop in centre and I always know if I have any problems with life there is always someone there to talk to. My gratitude for Jericho House and the people there knows no bounds. In short, they saved my life.