My name is Nathaniel and I am 36 years old. I was addicted to class A drugs for over 13 years. I used every drug not to feel good, but to stop me feeling bad. Physically, mentally, and emotionally I was a complete wreck. From being a young confident and outgoing person with the world at my feet, I ended up a broken, shallow, hollow, paranoid empty shell of a man.

I used to have the love and respect of my partner and my beautiful daughter, and my family and friends, but as my addiction progressed I eventually lost everything I held dear. I found myself doing all the things I said I would never ever do, and I resorted to crime to feed my addiction. I tried many times to stop but I couldn’t. Nothing I tried worked, in fact my addiction got steadily worse. I heard of Jericho House from a drug service in Nottingham who referred me there. It was the best thing I’ve ever done, because from the moment I made the phone call and then entered Jericho House, my life has changed dramatically.

Due to the work done on my addiction since I entered Jericho my whole life has completely turned around. Everything I lost I now have back in my life plus much, much more. It’s all down to Jericho House. They gave me back my life to live, and they taught me how to live my life without ever having to use drugs again. I have a life worth living today and it’s all down to Jericho House. They taught me about addiction and they supported and empowered me to address every aspect of my addiction and as a result today I am almost 5 years clean and I am finally recovering from my addiction. My story is not unique. There are very many lads who have gone through Jericho House and gained freedom from the monster that is addiction. Thank you Jericho House. Thank you for believing in me and for ‘Loving me back to health’.