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Jericho Addiction Services

Derby Dundee Bank St Greenock
Addiction Services

Jericho Addiction Houses are to be found in:


  • Derby (Drugs)

  • Dundee (Alcohol)

  • Greenock (Drugs)


Our Houses specialise in the recovery and resettlement of persons with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, many of whom have found themselves homeless.

Recovered Addicts have in-put to the Recovery Process.

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The Jericho Society offers a wide range of services across the UK.


We work with individuals who find themselves left vulnerable due to addiction, domestic violence or homelessness. We build on our experience gained from working in these areas over the past thirty years.


Our services are open to all irrespective of class, creed, colour, religion, or sexual orientation.

The project was Inspired by the

Parable of the Good Samaritan.

The Houses are approved by the Care Commission (Scotland)

and Social Services (England).

The Houses are approved by the relevant Dioceses.

Shankland Rd Greenock